Light selection tips, no choice

2019-09-05 10:21:47 冠淇科技

Quality and weight selection

If the economy allows, it is recommended to buy those high-priced lamps! There is a saying that “the wool is on the sheep”. The difference between the light source-driven brand and the carton foam material with the same appearance and style will affect the price, especially the light source. Bad, directly related to the life of the light source and the light decay of the luminaire. Although the price of a good light source drive is higher, the service life is longer, and in the long run, it is actually not much different from those of the inferior light source drive, and it also saves the trouble of subsequent frequent replacement processing. Also need to pay attention to the overall weight of the luminaire, do not buy too heavy luminaires, because the luminaire is too heavy to make the hidden danger of the fall of the luminaire, especially the position of the bedroom and the walkway.

In summary, in fact, safety and easy maintenance are the first choice for the purchase of lamps, lamps are electrical products, the use of a long period of time, when choosing lamps, do not blindly compare prices, but ignore the value of the product itself. Therefore, when you buy a luminaire, you must understand the light source driving brand information inside the luminaire, and the good product is thicker in the materials, the edges and style lines of the luminaire will be more sleek, and the surface color of the luminaire will be better. Remember these points, is it much easier to buy lamps?