Light selection tips, no choice

2019-09-03 09:33:16 冠淇科技

Appearance selection

First of all, according to the decoration style of your own home, choose the style of the lamp. Generally, the simple decoration room chooses the simple wrought iron ceiling lamp with simple structure; the European decoration is suitable for the chandelier candle lamp, etc.; the Chinese decoration is mostly decorated with lantern or solid wood decoration. Ceiling-type luminaires; however, no matter what kind of decoration style, it is not recommended to select lamps with complicated structures, many parts, and too many lamps (more than ten illuminants), because any lamp will fall into dust and complicated time. The luminaires make the cleaning and maintenance of the luminaires difficult and difficult to replace and repair.

Light source selection

The light source is recommended to use energy-saving lamps or LED light sources. Incandescent lamps (including old-fashioned candle lamps) have high power consumption and short life, and are not recommended. Here is a suggestion, it is best to use LED light source is more suitable, relatively speaking, LED life is longer, the light is softer and energy saving, the damage to the eyes will be much lower